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Very early on I knew I would be an artist one day.  Drawing and painting was what I loved to do best in the  world. Not until I was in my twenties did I think I would be a writer too. Almost all children with drawing talent  discover it early, as I did. Most writing talent shows up quite late in a person's growth because you have to read a ton of books to understand how to use the language well and you have to have lived a little bit to have something to tell others.

BrushA book can take anywhere from two months to ten months to complete. I start by writing out a layout of the story very roughly—beginning, middle, and end.When I have those important parts, I begin to write a story on my computer knowing ahead of time where the story will peak and how it will finish.Pastel When I have a first draft, I go back to my layout board and paste it up page by page. Then I add sketch drawings, and when that’s finished I cut the manuscript, usually by half, because now the drawings can tell much of the word story by themselves. The next step is called a dummy. It′s a mockup book that I cut out and tape together myself.

When the dummy is as good as I can make it, I show it to my editor. My editor makes other suggestions. Editors are a third pair of eyes Inkand ears to the world. I usually make about 95% of my editor’s corrections because they help the book to be a better story.

When I start illustrating I have my dummy in front of me. I begin to draw using mechanical pencil. When my pencil drawing is complete I draw over it in very light blue ink. Then I erase all the pencil lines and have a line image in blue. The color goes on. I use a lot of watercolor. I also use other media—gouache, pastel, ink, and colored pencils.

It is always a great joy to face a blank sheet of paper in the morning.

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